Increased Error Rates on Newly Provisioned or Upgraded Runtimes


We have confirmed that all error rates have returned to expected levels and our ongoing monitoring has not identified any additional nor persisting issues.

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AWS has identified the issue and has applied mitigations while working towards a resolution. We are observing our error rates returning to normal levels but are continuing to monitor the situation.

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AWS, the underlying CSP for this issue, has confirmed the existence of an "internal problem affecting the us-east-2 region" and that their investigation is ongoing. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide additional updates as new information becomes available.

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We are aware of increased error rates when provisioning new runtimes or when upgrading existing runtimes. We have identified the source of the issue and are engaging with the underlying CSP for further investigation.

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Affected components
  • AWS Australia
  • AWS EU
  • AWS Korea
  • AWS US East