Critical Infrastructure Maintenance

1 day and 14 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

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The Kaleido SRE team will make use of the upcoming maintenance window to perform critical maintenance on the Kaleido platform infrastructure. Impacted regions and maintenance start times: - AWS Seoul : Wednesday, July 29, 14:00 UTC - AWS Frankfurt : Wednesday, July 29, 20:00 UTC - AWS Sydney : Thursday, July 30, 14:00 UTC - AWS US East : Friday, July 31, 00:00 UTC

Please refer to individual maintenance windows for each region for durations and updates. In all regions, impact to users and their resources is categorized as: Low - Some user resources in this region such as blockchain nodes and services may become unavailable for approximately 2 minutes during the maintenance window. Additionally, there may be brief interruptions to Kaleido services such as the UI and API during this time.

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Affected components
  • AWS Australia
  • AWS EU
  • AWS Korea
  • AWS US East